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Leading the way in route optimisation

Fixed service day planning

Plan routes where you visit customers once or twice a week…. on fixed delivery days and manage complex service and delivery scheduling – simultaneously considering daily,
weekly and multi week delivery options.

Dynamic daily Route Planning

Plan large batches of orders just in time to pass to the warehouse. Automatically generate least cost & optimal delivery routes in minutes. Creates realistic logical routes that meet business goals. Interacts with mobile devices to capture real time field events, provides alerts and updates routes in real time.

On Demand Route Planning and Vehicle Tracking (web based)

An easy and affordable “pay-as-u-go” way to route plan, optimise deliveries and collections, dispatch route, track and monitor delivery fleets in real time, planned against actuals. Optimises both static routes and dynamic routes to maximize efficiency by taking into account geographic zones, time windows and other physical constraints when planning delivery fleets.

Routing Software

Let customers book their delivery times via the web

An enterprise wide solution geared towards large. Web based reservation agent for self-scheduling by end customer, call centre or order management personnel. Real time route visibility and optimisation. The next generation of delivery system, the customer choose a delivery time to match their requirements from a list of times your vehicle will be in their area. Customer service without the normal massive logistics costs of offering the customer what they want when they want it.

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Adrian Shields, Distribution Manager
John Lewis Department Stores

“We were able to expand our home delivery services and improve customer service without increasing resources. With Descartes Routing & Scheduling, we can now guarantee delivery as a competitive advantage and do it profitably.”

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Software Features

Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions

Real time sophistication

The ability to create route plans in minutes rather than hours. Maximise savings in time, fuel and man hours.

Get updates in real time – every few seconds – together with the accurate information you need to respond with precision to changes in road conditions, schedules and customer demands.

Plan daily and strategically

Create the most economical daily routes. Re-optimise fixed routes. Model ‘what if’ routing and planning scenarios. Test theories and new ideas, assess costs and build water tight proposals.

You have a free hand to improve driver efficiency, vehicle economy and routing capability to realise savings on every journey.

Environmental benefits

Green and sustainability issues are increasingly board level topics. More efficient routing will lower your mileage and reduce your carbon footprints.

Track and monitor with intelligence

Deliver operational improvements in every aspect of your transport operations. Track vehicle activity in real time. Download telematics and monitor vehicle use and driver compliance to ensure optimum performance.

Intelligent technology to help you perform effectively in the most demanding situations.

Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions

Reduce your costs

Save money through lower fuel use, reduced labour costs and improved asset utilisation by deploying the combined value of PDMC Logistics expertise and Route PlannerTM sophistication.

Improve customer service levels

As the cost to service existing customers and to win new clients increases along with fuel, labour and other asset costs, we will help to deliver solutions which increase customer satisfaction levels whilst reducing operating costs.

Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions Routing & Scheduling Logistics Software Solutions