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Logistics Modelling

Optimised routing and scheduling takes more than just software. It takes a combination of the best software and significant experience in its use. You may not have the systems or time to carry out detailed route logistics modelling, therefore we are offering to do the work for you.

Strategic route modelling and cost analysis

PDMC can build accurate models of your distribution or service operation enabling multiple “what if” analyses for current and future business needs. This will give highly accurate cost breakdowns for both existing business optimisation and future business changes including acquisitions and new contracts.

This requires considerable expertise and product knowledge. Simply provide the data and we will provide an accurate cost model quickly to help you make critical business decisions.


Moving from a fixed or static routing plan to a more dynamic approach

Planning with and without route zones or geographical territories

Adding or removing depots. Will a new depot reduces costs, have you chosen the correct locations

Expanding or contracting delivery time windows to customers. What will the cost be and how will it affect our existing customers

Changing vehicle fleet profile e.g. using smaller, larger or a mix of vehicles. How this can increase or even decrease your efficiency

Analysing delivery frequency e.g. how often we should visit an area or customer

Analyse and consider not outsourcing some or all of your distribution

Bidding for a new contract – assess the costs of providing a new service

Analyse trunking and local onward distribution costs vs a direct from dc service

The services we offer will identify the most cost effective ways to change and develop your operation, reducing risks by highlighting profitable changes that benefit your business and your customers. Knowing what your logistical costs are going to be before you implement new strategies enables you to completely control such change.

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 Peter Baines, Information Manager, International Timber.

“PDMC Logistics modelled our specific requirements to look at various direct and indirect delivery options using a hub and spoke process for our UK operation including using alternative depot locations. PDMC also looked at changing the frequency of deliveries to selected customers as per our requirements and generated accurate projected cost savings again for a number of scenarios.

We have found all their modelling work to be accurate, dependable, extremely useful and delivered on a timely basis to meet our requirements.”


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