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Routing Software

Deployment of our advanced routing and scheduling software solutions will generate optimal routes for operations running multiple drops or pick-ups per day per vehicle from multiple depots.

Our software is designed to reduce your overall mileage by increasing the efficiency of your vehicles. This potentially enables  more stops to be allocated to each route - meaning less vehicles are required and less miles are driven.

Logistics Modelling

Utilisation of our proven route modelling consultancy services will enable you to assess alternative logistics solutions and determine their real cost effectiveness.

The services we offer identify the most cost effective methods to change and develop your operations. This will reduce your risks by highlighting profitable changes that benefit both your business and that of your customers. Knowing the detail of your logistical costs before you implement any new strategies, enables you to safely decide if the proposed changes are going to result in savings and the effect they will have on your customer service level.

Recent consultancy clients include:

Yorkshire Water, Ultra Finishing Group, Saint Gobain, Victrex, Coca Cola (Norway), Ontex Health Services.

Find out why major companies including Arrow XL (formally Yodel XL) and John Lewis Partnership trust our software and consultancy services.  

Routing & Scheduling Software Solutions

25 years’ experience of implementing logistics technologies, helping businesses achieve improvements in delivery efficiency and a substantial reduction in overall logistics costs.

PDMC Logistics authorised UK Partner for
“The Industry's Most Comprehensive Fleet Management Software and Mobile Resource Management”

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With a free demonstration, at your premises, we can show you how you can;

Make savings on fuel costs, man hours, vehicle and dock use

Plan routes in minutes instead of hours

Get real time updates

Track and monitor vehicle use and driver compliance

Adjust routes in response to road conditions or customer demands

Optimise vehicle use for maximum efficiency...

and many more ways of planning intelligently.

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